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Elegant Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is one of our specialties here at DelGrosso Construction. With over a decade of experience, we have been providing excellent remodeling and updates. Situated in Greensburg, we take pride in offering exceptional customer service, complete with the option for 0% financing.

Excellent Customer Service

Over A Decade Of Experience

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Bathroom Remodeling


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Bathroom Remodeling Greensburg

Turn your bathroom from a chaotic tangle of towels, a clutter of toothpastes and shampoos, into an oasis of relaxation, even a personal home spa.

Declutter, create extra storage, enjoy a calming environment of soothing colors.

At DelGrosso Remodeling & Construction, we renovate, remodel, and redesign home bathrooms to meet your lifestyle and your family’s needs.

  • Extra space and discreet storage for towels, cleaners, toiletries, and medicines.

  • Replaced cracked tiles and aging grout with a clean, modern upgrade.

  • Enjoy the latest in lighting and bathroom amenities.

  • Comfortable, modern toilets with dual flush, heated seats, automatic deodorizers, and more.

  • Designs that make small bathrooms appear more spacious.


At DelGrosso Remodeling and Construction, we bring craftsmanship and a deep understanding of the essential parts or your home to every upgrade or remodeling project.

  • Beautiful, comfortable, and of the highest quality, our designs are unique to your needs and your space.

  • Affordable, innovative, and caring, our services are right for your family and your budget.



Our process is stress-free. We understand the importance of your project, and we treat it like our own. From start to finish, we are here to answer all your questions and assist you. Contact us for your free estimate today.

Stress Free Process

It begins with the first call. We'll understand your needs and arrange a free estimate with one of our inspectors.

Step 1

We'll install your project that you'll cherish for years to come.

Step 4

Once the plan is approved, our we will promptly schedule your project.

Step 3

Once you decide, we'll create an agreement to establish clear expectations for your project.

Step 2

We're committed to enhancing your experience by offering affordable financing solutions, including a 0% interest option for 12 months, ensuring that our products are accessible to everyone. Choose flexibility and ease with our budget-friendly financing.

Budget Friendly Financing Options