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Whole Home Remodeling

DelGrosso Remodeling & Construction is your one-stop-shop for all of your whole house remodeling needs! Whether it's a kitchen, bath, or full interior/exterior renovation, our experienced crew is ready to get to work.

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Whole House Remodeling


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Whole Home Remodeling

The most intricate aspect of home remodeling often revolves around a crucial decision: selecting the right contractor. This challenge is magnified when you envision multiple projects simultaneously. What if a new roof beckons, while your aspirations involve an upgraded kitchen? Perhaps this is the opportune year to revamp your bathroom and grace your family room and bedrooms with new flooring?

Navigating through numerous contractors and discovering trustworthy installers is no small feat. DelGrosso Remodeling & Construction steps in as your solution. Our adept team is well-versed in tackling comprehensive whole house remodeling and renovations. What sets us apart is our family-owned essence, deeply rooted in the Greensburg community, and our unwavering commitment to delivering unmatched craftsmanship.

Undertaking renovation endeavors can substantially augment your home's value, enhance your family's safety and comfort, and provide the opulent lifestyle you wish to bestow upon your loved ones.



Our process is stress-free. We understand the importance of your project, and we treat it like our own. From start to finish, we are here to answer all your questions and assist you. Contact us for your free estimate today.

Stress Free Process

It begins with the first call. We'll understand your needs and arrange a free estimate with one of our inspectors.

Step 1

We'll install your project that you'll cherish for years to come.

Step 4

Once the plan is approved, our we will promptly schedule your project.

Step 3

Once you decide, we'll create an agreement to establish clear expectations for your project.

Step 2

We're committed to enhancing your experience by offering affordable financing solutions, including a 0% interest option for 12 months, ensuring that our products are accessible to everyone. Choose flexibility and ease with our budget-friendly financing.

Budget Friendly Financing Options